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How to choose the right major?

Admin | 23.05.2019

Having a career which is suitable with your strengths and interests, as well as provides several opportunities for future development is what many people make great effort to achieve. In that process, choosing a right major can help solving half of this problem. Unfortunately not everyone can have a proper choice when selecting their “life career”. In this article, we will together consider 6 suggesting questions, which may hopefully assist you in taking the career that you are keen on:


1. What types of work/ field you are interested in?

Try to objectively evaluate yourself in order to see how good your ability is, as well as make a list of of your hobbies, which can be a fundamental premise to to build up you future career.


Besides, you can sometimes spend a few minutes “recalling” your ideal models which you are eager to become most, or the jobs that can make you happy doing it in the future. For example: journalist, businesswoman, fashion entrepreneur, IT businessman, actor, etc.
2. What and how good is your ability?

Challenge your ability to see whether it is suitable with your dream job or not. For instance, if you want to make your way to become a tour guide, consider whether you suffer from carsickness. Are you shy or hesitate to talk with people as well as take care of others
3. Do you have the right to choose your major/ career?

Some students are allowed to choose whatever major and career they love. Unfortunately, the others are profoundly influenced by their parents or even uncles and aunts. It is amazing if you can choose your own career pathway, if not, try negotiating with your parents and asking them for advices.
4. Which colleges/ universities offer these jobs/ majors?
 Which colleges and universities in Vietnam offer these majors? You will need to conduct a lot of research on Google or websites such as www.thongtintuyensinh.vn, join the forums of students of the schools for a better insight
5. What are the programmes in these schools like? Do they differ a lot and what are the top 3 ones to put on your list?

Once you have found your favorite major and the colleges/ universities which offer it, go on conducting deeper research on the knowledges you have to study in these schools and determine whether you would be able to “digest” them or not. Because some colleges and universities have a programme which is too general, or reverse. The point is that you should do comprehensive research in advance so as not to be shocked by being taught irrelevant knowledge when you start your study.
6. Is there market demand for the field you want to pursue and how is your career opportunity in the next 3-5 years after graduation?


Last but not least, spend time contemplating the market demand, especial at the point of time when you have graduated to have the best preparation for your future. We wish you success in choosing your future career.


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How to choose the right major?


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