International Students

Broward College is announcing a new recruitment phase of 460 admission applications for the first two years of bachelor's degree study at our official Vietnam Center in 2022 - 2023 Academic Year. Below is information regarding admission requirements, necessary documents, and other related details for students who have graduated or are preparing for their graduation from High School in 2023:



  1. Having graduated from High School (or equivalent)
  2. Having both 12th Grade average and 12th Grade English GPAs of 6.5 and above
    Students whose English GPA is below 6.5 should contact our admission specialists for detailed support.

Equivalents of the high school diploma:

  • High school diplomas in the US
  • High school diploma in other countries (must be evaluated by one of NACES members)
  • WACE (Western Australia Certificate of Education)
  • GCSE (The General Certificate of Secondary)
  • IB Diploma (Educational Development)
  • GED (General Educational Development)
  • The A-level (Cambridge AICE Certificate) - must accompany a High School diploma or equivalent. A-level subjects can be used for post-secondary credits transferring (Note: students' performance - grade might be considered).
  • Other qualifications not listed above may require case-by-case evaluation (Note: might cost fee)
  • International students / high school students who could not obtain a high school diploma or equivalent may consider taking the GED exams. (The GED exams can be taken right here in Vietnam with monthly-held schedules).



01.  To be exempted from the EAP program

  • Students must acquire above level 4 scores in the LOEP test

02. To be admitted directly to the college-level program


  • Students must pass level 4 of the EAP program and acquire the following scores in the PERT test:
    • Reading: 106 or above
    • Writing: 103 or above
    • Math: 123 or above
  • Students must pass level 4 of the EAP program and acquire the following scores in the CPT test:
    • Reading: 245 or above
    • Writing: 245 or above
    • Math: 259 or above
  • Students with SAT
    • After Mar 1st, 2016: individual scores must be
      • Reading: 24 or above
      • Math: 26.5 or above
      • Writing: 25 or above
  • Transferred students from an American College or University who have completed College level courses.  (Certain evaluation processes will be performed for college-level classes in countries where English is the main language). If students have not completed college-level Math, they will be required to take the PERT/ CPT Math Test.



  • Applicants who have finished or partially completed program(s) at other institutes may transfer credits or courses or be exempted from taking equivalent courses, depending on each case.
  • Evaluation of equivalent courses of other College(s)/University(s)
  • Entrance interview
  • Graduate from high school with both 12th-grade average and English GPAs of 6.5/10 or above.
  • Meet the English requirements for college-level or EAP level entrance

For more information, please contact the Department of Admissions.


04. For students with no High School Diploma

General Education Diploma – GED: Equivalent to high school completion (Currently available in Vietnam, this test is in English and is for students who have finished High School in other countries but did not receive or lost their diploma)

  • Testing method: Online (students may register online or via posting)
  • Requirement: Students must be 18 of age or above
  • Scores: Students must acquire a minimum score of 145 for each test and a total score of 580. The students will be informed of the result immediately after finishing the online test. The official diploma and transcripts will be sent two weeks after the test date. Should the students fail any of the tests, they may retake the failed exam(s) after 60 days.



Broward Vietnam Admissions Offices:

HCMC: Floor 6, 21 Le Quy Don, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

Hanoi: 1 Trinnh Van Bo, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi


Phone: (028)73011880 


- 0906332001 

- 0902783883

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