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Teachers Needed for English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Department at Broward Vietnam (Hourly rate)

Admin | 28.05.2021

Job Title: English Instructor, English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Department (Hourly Rate)




Broward Vietnam (BVN) is located in Ho Chi Minh City as an International Center of Broward College (Florida, U.S). The Broward College program at BVN is approved by the Southern Association of College and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS-COC). It is managed by EQuest Education – the largest educational institute in Vietnam that comprises a university, five colleges, and 20 national English centers.


Aiming to become an excellent platform for our students in their pursuit of American education, we are persistent in attaining and maintaining an international standard-compliant learning environment. This includes strict faculty quality assurance, regimented and consistent curriculum, as well as a broad array of both curricular and extracurricular initiatives to foster an independent study approach, critical thinking skills, and team working capabilities. We prepare students for the real world.




Broward Vietnam aims to provide students an opportunity to study English in an American College system. This is more than just learning some new vocabulary words or practicing a few grammar points, but instead is a fully immersive English experience. The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program is an academically based course that puts the student directly into an American-style learning environment with highly trained and professional teachers. This is a four-tiered, intensive English Program that will challenge and prepare the students for the rigors of studying abroad in the United States, Canada, Australia, or the United Kingdom. All of the classes are intensive, and students are expected to function at a high level.




As an English Instructor at Broward College – Vietnam Center, your main duties will include the following tasks:

  • Establishing and enforcing rules of behavior for students in the classroom.
  • Preparing lessons, units, and projects to complete learning objectives.
  • Establishing and communicating clear objectives for lessons, units, and projects.
  • Adapting teaching methods and materials to meet the interests and learning styles of students.
  • Familiarity with standards-based teaching modalities.
  • Encouraging students to explore learning opportunities and career paths.
  • Creating, assigning, and grading various assessments for students, including tests, quizzes, essays, and projects
  • Working with students one-on-one when they need extra help or attention.
  • Being responsible for grading and tracking of student progress through written and oral reports.
  • Using computer-based LVS systems to grade, assign, and track student progress.
  • Teach Academic English including Academic essay writing, reading novels and short stories plus academic texts, giving presentations, and listening to college lectures.




Qualifications:  BA or MA in English, TESOL, or Linguistics. Degrees earned at a regionally accredited U.S University are highly appreciated.



  • Proven experience as a teacher
  • Thorough knowledge of teaching best practices and educational guidelines partnered with a willingness to follow the school’s policies and procedures.
  • Excellent communicability and interpersonal skills
  • Well-organized and committed.
  • Creative and energetic
  • Dedicated and passionate
  • Develop and implement dynamic and engaging lessons.
  • Familiarity with Student-centred teaching modalities.
  • Ability to use digital platforms in the classroom.
  • Ability to utilize differentiated learning in the classroom.
  • Degree in teaching or in a specialized field (English or Linguistics).



  • Present lessons in a comprehensive manner and use visual/audio means to facilitate learning.
  • Provide individualized instruction to each student by promoting interactive learning.
  • Create and distribute educational content (notes, summaries, assignments etc.)
  • Assess and record students’ progress and provide grades and feedback.
  • Maintain and keep track of grades, assignments, and other responsibilities germane to teaching.
  • Ability to develop lesson plans and successfully instruct students in theories, methods, and tasks.
  • Ability to effectively communicate with others and clearly express complex ideas.
  • Proficient active listening skills to understand and adapt to students’ various learning needs.
  • Knowledge of appropriate learning psychology, styles, and strategies
  • Strong public speaking and oral presentation skills
  • Excellent organization and time management skills
  • Advanced technology skills to track student attendance and grades and present creative lessons.
  • Leadership skills and patience for working with students of different abilities.



  • Competitive salary reviewed annually.
  • Regular opportunities for promotion.
  • Medical insurance & annual health check.
  • Regular domestic and overseas team-building trips.
  • Opportunity to work in a multi-cultural environment.
  • Excellent support from Broward College - U.S.A including an online library, regular training, credentialing process, etc.



Please submit your CV, covering letter, and relevant degrees to our email hr@broward.edu.vn

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Teachers Needed for English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Department at Broward Vietnam (Hourly rate)


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