Thạc sĩ Kimberly Jardin


Ms. Kimberly Jardin (MBA)

Lecturer - Business Administration

With nearly 20 years in the banking and finance industry, coupled with 9 years of teaching at the tertiary education and corporate training levels, Ms. Jardin is able to bring her real-world experience in executive management and business administration to the classroom. Her methods include combining foundational elements with practical application and experiential learning. She also uses her strong interpersonal skills to connect with students, identify their strengths and challenges, and unlock their hidden talents and passions, so that they may achieve their full academic and personal potential.

Ms. Jardin graduated with honors (magna cum laude) from Pepperdine University, earning both a Master of Business Administration (MBA), with a dual concentration in Leadership and Managing Organizational Change, and a Bachelor of Science in Management. She also has a Certificate of English Language Teaching Adults (CELTA) from Cambridge University. She has been living in Ho Chi Minh City since 2013 and is a dual citizen of the US and Vietnam.

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Thạc sĩ Kimberly Jardin


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