Tiến sĩ Vũ Ngọc Thanh Sang



Tiến sĩ Vũ Ngọc Thanh Sang

Giảng viên Khoa Lập Trình Máy Tính

Certifications: Doctor of Electronic and Information Sciences

Nationality: Vietnam

Vu Ngoc Thanh Sang received his Ph.D. in Electronic and Information Sciences in 2019 from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, japan. His doctoral research investigated the on-body positions recognition of wearable sensors ensuing the stable health monitoring in various applications. He completed his Master’s degree in the same university with the major of Information Science by conducting a research about walking downstair and upstairs recognition using a smartphone. He held a Bachelor of Science degree in biomedical engineering in International University – National University – Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

His research interests are biomedical and bioimage processing, human activity recognition, gait analysis, computer vision-based healthcare assistance.

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Tiến sĩ Vũ Ngọc Thanh Sang


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